Cool Change

Hi there!

Here in Brisbane, the cold’s moving in and I know everyone outside of Queensland is rolling their eyes at our minimal cold tolerance but here, anything below 20 is sub-arctic!

Don’t get me wrong though, I love winter and the brisk air. I love it mainly because of the fashion. Where I can go out in the mornings in basically what I wore to bed the night before (completely sans bra). What a time to be alive!

Here’s what’s on my high rotation for winter:

  • 7 for All Mankind jeans – I have been living in these boyfriend beauties the fast few weeks. The ripping and cuffed ankles makes it the perfect pair to put with everything – no thought involved!
  • Calvin Klein Jeans jumper – this jumper screams “I look like I’ve tried to look cool but really I tripped over this on my floor and threw it on.” Perfect!
  • Adidas Stan Smiths sneakers – yeah, yeah I know, I need to find some new shoes but until someone says something, I’ll keep wearing these every day.
  • The Collective magazing – winter means holidays and for me, that means drowning in magazines. I currently have four on the go. Yeah I have friends.
  • Burberry Monogrammed scarf – God I love this. That is all.
  • Chloé Hydrating Body Mist – the sweet scent of hydration turns out to be Chloé. Who knew?

Stay warm and I stongly reccommend getting breakfast in last night’s hoodie and track pants. You’ll gain a new-found respect from your barista. Probably.

All my love, Chelle


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